Kiramager Scans: Go Kiramager's Fight, Greatful Phoenix, Mashin Oradin, Mashin Hakobu & more

Remember Gorenger's Hurricane Bomb Finisher? Gorengers used to pass it around from one to one before attaching the enemy with the Hurricane Bomb.

Well a pretty similar concept will be used by Kiramager as Go Kiramager. They have a limit of 100 seconds to use this form and the another limitation is that they have a single weapon Kiraful Go Arrow that transforms into their Go Kiramager form. So each Kiramager will pass it on to one another while using it to Shoot the enemies and finally performing the Finisher Attack together.

Two New Mashins are going appear with the appearance of Go Kiramagers. The new Mashins are called Mashin Oradin which has the power of King Oradin and Mashin Hakobu (Hakobu means 'to carry' in Japanese) which can carry other Mashin in it's Cargo mode. Both the new Mashins are based off Phoenix.

Together both the Mashins will Gattai to form → Greatful Phoenix. He has two giant axes which can also be combined or can be used separately in a pretty fashion as how Gaim Kachidoki Arms used flags to attack the enemies.

Yodonna is pretty dangerous. She will use Whip to control the Jamenshii. She will also try to get near Garza.

By the way, Juru got the inspiration of Go Kiramager from the Temple which he used to visit in childhood. Oradin had also visited this temple long back whom Priest referred as Alien in yesterday's episode.

Mashin Zabyuun can form Arms for Kiramaizin as Kiramazin Zabyuun.

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