Kiramager Scans: Introducing Kiramai Gold!, Yodonna Gets Cuter Outfit and More!

There is nothing much to highlight this time for Kiramager.

But Muryo Hakataminami is going to transform into Kiramai Gold using Kiraful Go Arrow! If you look losely, he is wearing a shawl to reference Pikotaro's outfit. Most probably this is gonna be an one time warrior.

  1. Sayo will be turned into a Mannequin by Mannequin Jamen in the upcoming episodes!

  2. We'll get to see the younger Muryo Hakataminami who will seen giving many souvenirs to Oradin who is trying to save Takamichi in the past

  3. Yodonna's Whip can not only enhance an Jamen, but can also decrease the power as per her wish.

  4. There is going to be a Riddler Jamen officially called Nazokake Jamen which pretty much means the same. He is going to throw out so many riddles on Kiramagers.

  5. Yodon Army are planning to turn the world into an world like Yodonheim using an plant called Yodon Ivy which they are growing now.

By the way, Yodonna gets a bit cuter outfit!

All Four Robos → Kiramaizin, King Express Zabyuun, Gigant Driller & Greatful Phoenix are going to stand up together to fight Smog Jokki & the Jamenjuu Army.

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