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Kiramager Vs Ryusoulger Movie Stills: Canalo Hits on Yodonna, Yodonna Steps on Cleon & more

Juru Atsuta (Kiramai Red) was busy drawing for a Drawing Contest. That's when he meets Kou (Ryusoul Red) from Ryusoul Tribe. Juru goes to visit a Movie Theater where other Ryusoul Tribe members were present. Somehow he meets up with Tametomo Imizu (Kiramai Yellow) & others who were investigating a Yodon Alert. That's when Yodonna & Movie Jamen capture people including Kiramager, Mabushiina & Ryusoulgers inside Yodon Movie's World.

Takamichi Crystallia (Kiramai Silver) & Canalo (Ryusoul Gold) were luckily not one among them. Hence Canalo will get chance to hit on Yodonna.

In Yodon Movie's World, Kantoku Minasou (Director Minasou) starts filming.

In Yodon Movie's World, Kantoku Minasou (Director Minasou) starts filming. Sena Hayami (Kiramai Green) & Towa (Ryusoul Green) inside a Action Movie, Shiguru Oshikiri (Kiramai Blue) & Bamba (Ryusoul Black) in Jidaigeki, Sayo Oharu (Kiramai Pink) & Asuna (Ryusoul Pink) in a Ladies film series inspired Movie, Tametomo & Meruto (Ryusoul Blue) in a Gambling Movie, Juru & Kou in a Love Movie.

Is Juru wearing Aruto's (Kamen Rider Zero-One) costume?

When these movies are premiered all over the world, earth's atmosphere will change to that of Yodonheim.

Unexpectedly, Kiramagers & Ryusoulger fight together against the new threat. Combination of Sparkling & Knighthood leads to a Super Battle!

By the way, what is Tametomo showing Ryusoulgers?

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