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Kiyotaka Taguchi Tweets Making 49, 50 Episodes for Ultraman Z: Past Ultraman Cast Wants To Appear

#UltramanZ50Episodes is trending on Twitter.

With Ultraman Z being considered as one of the best series! Fans want the 2nd Cours to make it a complete of 50 episodes.

Sadly with the demise of Screenwriter Kota Fukuhara, it's best to keep the ending story of Haruki, Storage and Ultraman Z as he wanted. It's sad not to get a movie this time. But it is for it's own good.

Really, it's been a long time since Tsuburaya had produced a 50 episode series. Last was Mebius.

But... few hours after the trend exploded, Director Kiyotaka Taguchi comes in and tweets this.

"I am going for the screenplay meeting for 49,50 Episodes. #UltramanZ50Episodes"

He might be joking... But have you thought that Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes Odyssey is focusing on both Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Z. What if the 50th Anniversary series will be connected to Ultraman Z?

With that said, some of the Ultraman Actors have popped up jokingly wanting to appear in the next 25 Episode.

"Please make me appear from Episode 30" - Kou Nanase (Kirisaki / Ultraman Tregear)

"I am waiting for the episode where the boy who looks similar to Riku Asakura comes riding Jean-Bot" - Tatsuomi Hamada (Riku Asakura / Ultraman Geed & also Nao in Ultraman Zero: Revenge of Belial)

"Make me do a Flying Kick and also let me say "Let's go" while leading everyone. And also please make "Fierce Shooting! UPG Documentary 24 hours" in Spin-off" - Takuya Negishi (Hikaru Raidou / Ultraman Ginga)

"Please also make Shou get Practice Scene. "This will decide everything!!" - Kiyotaka Uji (Shou / Ultraman Victory)

"Even Rui wants to appears!!!! lol" - Haruka Momokawa (Rui Takada in Ultraman X)

So will it happen?