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Kohji Moritsugu Talks About Original Ultraseven Mask Robbery Incident

Actor Kohji Moritsugu who had played Dan Moroboshi / Ultraseven had kicked off his YouTube channel by releasing a new video where he talks about the incident that took place 10 years back. It is about the Robbery of the Original Ultraseven Mask.

Kohji Moritsugu had got the Original Ultraseven Mask via his friend actor & singer Masaki Kyomoto (Japanese Voice of Jack Shindo / Ultraman Great) in 1993. Kohji Moritsugu had restored the damaged Ultraseven Mask to place it in his restaurant. It was with him for many years.

But on July 24th, 2011 it was stolen by someone. Kohji Moritsugu recollects that the shop was closed that day and he began the day watering the plants. He unlocked the door as Piano teachers and students were supposed to come that day for lessons. He remembers placing the Mask with its case on the table as it was heavy. After a while between 12 PM to 1 PM, Kohji Moritsugu was watching TV and his wife was doing some work on his PC. They didn't feel anyone's presence entering the shop.

Kohji Moritsugu realized that the mask was stolen when the Piano Teacher pointed about the only the case was being placed on the table. Kohji Moritsugu initially assumed that his wife had taken it out for cleaning it. After he found out that it was not the case, he decided to call the police.

Police didn't their investigation by taking fingerprints. But they couldn't find anything. Kohji Moritsugu says many News Reporters even NHK had arrived at his shop to report the robbery incident.

Kohji Moritsugu is still in the hopes of seeing the mask once again as he says "It's been 10 years from that day, I still hope that it could come back. If you have taken away the Mask from Joli Chapeau, then can you please place it in front of the shop either in a paper bag or something whenever you want. I would be happy".

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