Koichi Sakamoto Confirmed As Yodonna's Director + Staff & Story Details

When Yodonna Spin-Off was announced, everyone had suspected that Koichi Sakamoto will be directing it based on the actions in the trailer and the casting. Toei had confirmed today that is it true. Along with this announcement they had also revealed Tete Inoue is the Screen Writer of the spin-off.

Though fans have already noticed Jackie-chan (not Jackie Chan) in the trailer, Toei officially comes out today announcing his involvement too.

Story Guide

Yodonna's soul had returned back to the world in order to revive by absorbing the energy of a human. She decides to target Juru Atsuta (Kiramai Red) considering that he is the strongest one. But accidentally she gets connected with Mizuki Kakihara.

Her smartphone gets switched with the smartphone which her Detective brother Shosuke Kakihara had retrieved as the proof of a crime. Because of that Mizuki gets targeted by the Yakuza group Kuchinawa. If Mizuki dies then Yodonna won't be able to revive. Hence she possesses Mizuki and makes her fight the Yakuza.

Mizuki is happy to see herself being powerful because of Yodonna's ability. Her trust for Yodonna deepens. Even Yodonna learns a new emotion from Mizuki.

At the end what will be the fate of both?

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