Mahiro Takasugi Decides To Resign from His Talent Agency in 2021: Steps Down from His Asadora Role

Mahiro Takasugi who had played Mitsuzane Kureshima a.k.a. Micchi / Kamen Rider Ryugen had announced that he is ending his management contract with his current Talent Agency Spice Power. The date of contract end will be April 11, 2021.

Mahiro had been scouted by Spice Power (Sweet Power) back in 2009 and started as a Child Actor and he was the first actor of this agency. It's been 11 years and he is got many roles. Mahiro had said that he wanted to start from zero. He had also decided to step down from his role from 2021's Asadora.

Here's the comment from Mahiro Takasugi for his end of contract on his Instagram.

I am sorry to surprise you with a sudden announcement. This time it's about me. With the end of contract with my Talent Agency "Sweet Power", I have decided to resign. I have been talking about this for a long time. I am thankful for them to have raised me, supported my challenges from the age of 13. It's been 11 years since I have started this job and I have met many people, thought about many things and lived my life. People who have been involved in my work, who have watched it, who came to know about me, I would like to share my any happiness with them. I am still 24 years old, so I would be happy if you can support me even now.

Sweet Power have also released a statement on his resignation and have mentioned that they are happy to support his decision.

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