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Masaki Nishina Interviews Shin Ishikawa (Ultraman Hikari / Kamen Rider Shin)

Ultraman Hikari is one of the oldest Ultraman from Land of Light belonging to the Blue Tribe. He is a scientist and mentored Ultraman Tregear and Ultrawoman Sora. Recently, Hikari is getting the frequent appearance to deliver new gadgets to the New Generation Heroes who sometimes end up breaking that. No one had ever expected that this character from Ultraman Mebius would get this much attention when the show aired.

Now the actor Masaki Nishina (Ryu Aihara) who had played the second host of Ultraman Hikari interviews the first host of Ultraman Hikari / Hunter Knight Tsurugi who gave the life to the character in his YouTube channel. We have Shin Ishikawa the actor who played Kazuya Serizawa.

In the video, Shin Ishikawa reveals that he was never told that his character would end up being Ultraman until the day of the filming. He assumed that his character will only appear in the first episode and die while fighting Dinozaur. It was the Make-up staff who told him about his role and the actual production staff. Even he wasn't told about his Henshin Scene until the day of the shooting.

For those who are unaware of this fact. Shin Ishikawa had also previously played Shin Kazamatsuri / Kamen Rider Shin in Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue.

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