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Masaki Nishina Reveals Ryu Aihara Had a Different Actor: Ultraman Mebius Went Through Reshoots

Masaki Nishina who had played Ryu Aihara / Ultraman Hikari in Ultraman Mebius had appeared in a collab video on Taiyo Sugiura's (Musashi Haruno / Ultraman Cosmos) YouTube channel. They had talked a lot on Ultraman topics and one of the topic which was talked was never revealed to the public till now.

When the audition of Ultraman Mebius took place, there was a different actor who was selected for the role of Ryu Aihara. Masaki Nishina was never involved in the first place. The actor who was selected had filmed the role for 2 to 3 months and then decided to step down from the role for unknown reasons.

As per Masaki Nishina, Tsuburaya Productions' Shinichi Ohka (later the CEO of Tsuburaya Productions from 2008 to 2017) had called him up considering that he had previously appeared in Ultraman Cosmos Vs Ultraman Justice: THE FINAL BATTLE as Ryujiro Shouda. Considering the situation, Masaki Nishina had accepted the role.

He had revealed the CREW GUYS Uniform which he wore in the early episodes (including reshoots) of Ultraman Mebius were actually made for the actor who stepped down. After many episodes through the filming, a new uniform made to fit him was given to him.

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