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Masashi Taniguchi (Amazons / Falchion) Shows Interest To Appear in Ultraman Series

Actor Masashi Taniguchi who had played Go Blue, Kamen Rider Amazon Alfa, Kamen Rider Falchion had recently showed interest in appearing in Ultraman Series in his recent tweet in order to complete his appearance in all three Tokusatsu Series. But the tweet showing his interest with Takeshi Tsuruno

Takeshi Tsuruno (Asuka Shin / Ultraman Dyna) was recently announced to perform the Theme Song of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. Actor Toshiki Kashu who is known for playing the role of Shouichi Tsugami / Kamen Rider Agito congratulates him on Twitter.

Ooh! Congratulations! Looking forward to it!!

For this Takeshi Tsuruno replies showing interest to appear in Kamen Rider.

Now only Rider is left.. Can you do something about it? lol

Masashi Taniguchi also joins this conversation and says,

Sorry to interrupt. I have only Ultraman left. Can you do something about it? lol.

Masashi Taniguchi-san can do a Belial Host if possible. I really want to see this.