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Masashi Taniguchi Talks About Giving Back the Favor to NichiAsa with Bacht's Role

Masashi Taniguchi had wrapped up Kamen Rider Saber filming with Episode 38. Considering that his career started with Sunday morning block - NichiAsa's GoGoV, he had commented that "I want to give back (the favor) to NichiAsa" by playing this role.

On his YouTube channel, he had also mentioned that when he first got the role of Kamen Rider Falchion, he took a step back and was a bit hesitant as he was already known as Jin Takayama / Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha. He had already played Jin in two seasons and also a movie.

In the end, he decided to accept the role of Kamen Rider Falchion because of his Philosophy. He says that for the word 'role' (Yaku, 役) means 'being helpful' (Yaku ni Tatsu, 役に立つ) to someone. He felt that by taking the role he be helpful to NichiAsa.

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