Mashin Hakobu's Voice Actor Revealed + Existence of a New World Altamado

Mashin Hakobu, the Golden Phoenix Mashin which will give birth to Greatful Phoenix along with Mashin Oradin will be voice Tetsu Inada. Tetsu Inada is known for voicing Doggie Krugger / Deka Master in Dekaranger and also in Ryusoulger he had voiced Gachireus.

He had voiced characters in all four Tokusatsu Series (includes Metal Hero Series) and has atleast one Tokusatsu role every year.

When it comes to Mashin Hakobu, he is one of the strongest Mashins of Oradin and it seems that only he can travel to the Holy Land of Atamaldo which Oradin had created.

When it comes to Mashin Oradin, this Mashin has the soul of King Oradin. This Mashin can also talk and it will be voiced by Oradin's Tomokazu Sugita.

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