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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Air Date - November 15

A Jamenshi appears out of nowhere and for Kiramagers he wasn't even such a big deal to create a plan and fight with all the skills. Kiramagers fight him and leave.

Four Kiramagers other than Juru Atsuta (Kiramai Red) leave for their job. That's the moment Jamenjuu Pinch In Out Dagames appears. Juru & Takamichi Crystallia (Kiramai Silver / Gigant Driller) enters the battlefield to fight with Kiramaizin and Gigant Driller. They were about to defeat him but because of Jamenjuu Pinch In Out Dagames' beam, they turn to Mini Mini Size.

Juru opens his eyes inside Kiramaizin. Eh!? They were fighting Jamenjuu till now... When looked outside, they were surrounding the place which looks like Jungle. Even the other Mashins together are not able to grasp the current situation.

Then suddenly they get attacked by a Giant Cat!

A Cat in the Jungle?

That's where Fire realises, "Juru... It seems like... we have turned small...".

Juru is puzzled! Shovellow brings a big can and they understand that they were just on the grass. That's the moment when the Hypothesis becomes Reality!

A Giant Parent Nanao and Child Tatsuki appear before Kiramaizin and Gigant Driller. They will consider them as toys and take them home.

Tatsuki is a naughty kid and still in Middle School. He will give lot of trouble to the Mashins.

Director - Hiroyuki Kato

Screenplay - Naruhisa Arakawa

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