Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 38: "I am looking at my Uncle's Moon" Episode Guide

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 38: "I am looking at my Uncle's Moon"

Air Date - January 10, 2021

(No broadcast next week on January 3, 2021)

Director - Noboru Takemoto

Screenplay - Tete Inoue

There was a Yodon detection at a distance. All the Kiramagers rush to the location using Mashin Zabyuun. The one to rampage over there was Mushiba Jamen. He was collecting Evil Energy & troubling people by giving cavities.

Kiramagers proceed to fight, but his tooth head's enamel is too hard that he can't be defeated without Takamichi Crystallia's (Kiramai Silver) Shiny Breaker. All the attacks against him were useless.

That's not all, Tametomo Imizu (Kiramai Yellow), Sena Hayami (Kiramai Green) & Sayo Oharu (Kiramai Pink) get attacked by Cavities beam one after the other. They need Takamichi's help so badly.

Juru Atsuta tries to call Takamichi but at that time he was...!!

Takamichi was in the search of the 4th Kanaema Stone - Illusio. As per the diary, the hint for it's location is "Cresent Stone Sticking Out in the Desert". But he decides to have Graduel with Galza.

This duel is Crystallia's tradition. Due to this reason, he couldn't return to help Juru and others.

He returns at a later point, but his behaviour is a bit odd. He attacks Juru and Shiguru for some reason. Did he turn evil once again?

As per the scans, Shiguru will eventually borrow the Shiny Breaker from Takamichi. So what happened to Takamichi?

Yodonna will be seen holding Illusio in this episode in the same location as Graduel.

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