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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39: "Emperor is Sniper" Episode Guide → Yodonna gets Replaced

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39: "Emperor is Sniper"

Air Date - January 17

  • Director - Noboru Takemoto

  • Screenplay - Kaori Kaneko

Today is Mabushiina's Kishinjiise Day.

Kinshinjiise is the reverse of the "Seijinshiki" → Coming of Age. Coming of Age is the day celebrated in the Japanese where a person is said to become mature. This will be celebrated by the people who have turned 20 that year.

As per Takamichi Crystallia (Kiramai Silver), Kinshinjiise is pretty similar to Coming of Age Day on earth. This is the day when Crystallia's people become an adult. In order to celebrate his beloved sister's day, he goes on the search to find a Ring in order to gift her. He takes Muryo Hakataminami's Credit Card and goes to Jewellery Shop for shopping along with Mabushiina, Juru Atsuta (Kiramai Red) & Tametomo Imizu (Kiramai Yellow).

But there was someone looking at them from a nearby building. He is holding his favorite Rifle and looking through the scope. He was aiming directly at Mabushiina.

Mabushiina was happily selecting her Ring. During the return, she gets targeted by the Sniper. All Kiramager try to protect her.

But Takamichi gets hit by the bullet and turns into Mud Dumplings!?

Tametomo figures out the location of the Sniper and tries to attack him, but he runs away.

This Sniper had created an extraordinary atmosphere with Galza.

This Sniper is Yodonheim's Great Hunter Shadon. He claims that he is the direct hitman of Emperor Yodon.

But his true identity was the Third Face of Emperor Yodon.

What will Kiramagers do to stop Shadon permanently from targeting Mabushiina? By the way, why is he even targeting Mabushiina?

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