Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 40: "The Person in Pain" Episode Guide

Air Date - January 24

Curantula creates a new Jamenshi in Yodonheim. He was planning to use the Kanaema Stone Illusio stolen from Kiramager to fill the human's heart with darkness and turn them into a Jamenjuu. The new Jamenshii is Harigane Jamen who had ability to shapeshift at his own will.

On the other, Juru Atsuta (Kiramai Red) meets a boy named Karori who had posted an attractive painting on an Image Posting site. Karori is pretty good in painting and when Juru asked, he reveals that a middle aged man named Saburo Hata had taught him.

He visits this Karori's friend with him Saburo Hata. Saburo is creative but a bit anxious an adult, but he like subculture. He likes Anime and also good in playing Games.

Saburo decides to teach Juru to draw too.

Juru & Karori were praising the quality of the manga which Saburo drew and Karori recommends him to apply for Manga Award. Saburo was looking at them from behind.

Meanwhile Harigane Jamen appears in town. Tametomo Imizu (Kiramai Yellow) & others rush to fight him. They struggled to fight him due to Harigane Jamen's shapeshifting ability & he runs away.

Kiramagers return back to HQ but they doubt each other whether they are real and not Harigane Jamen shapeshifted.

Director - Koichiro Hayama (Previously Directed Hero Mama League)

Screenplay - Tomihiko Tokunaga (Screenwriter for Aibo and many ongoing TV-Asahi Drama Series)

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