Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 43: "Stained Hero" Episode Guide

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 43: "Stained Hero"

Air Date - February 14

The identity of the little boy who appeared in Juru Atsuta's (Kiramai Red) dream was Galza. But he was enjoying while drawing. He was Shining & Sparkling. That little boy has now grasped the power of Emperor Yodon, takes over his body and calls himself 'Lord Galza'. He trying to become the God of Destruction.

Why did he change? What changed him?

Galza was planning to execute King Oradin in Yodonheim.

Kiramagers have infiltrated inside Yodonheim with the help of Curantula for the Final Battle. Takamichi Crystallia (Kiramai Silver) decides to stay back if Galza appears on earth once again.

Among them, Juru was in the thought of saving King Oradin to know the truth. He had made his decision and moves forth with his comrades. Mashin Fire is anxiously looking at him from behind.

Oradin was about to be eaten by Basura. Juru arrives to the rescue. While withstanding the suction power of Basura, he asks Oradin about young Galza.

On the other hand, Lord Galza appears in front of Takamichi.

Director - Katsuya Watanabe

Screenplay - Naruhisa Arakawa

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