Mayuu Yokota Cast in Superhero Senki As Grown-up Luna

Updated: Jul 12

Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero Senki will introduce grown-up Luna who will be played by Actress & Model Mayuu Yokota. It is not yet known if she will appear in Kamen Rider Saber TV Series.

When she got the role, she had gone through Kamen Rider Saber episodes to understand her character and also not to embarrass Miku Okamoto who plays the child version of Luna in the TV Series.

In the movie, she will have the line where she calls Touma's name. She made sure that fans will get satisfied with Luna's acting in that line. After the filming, Syuichiro Naito who plays Touma Kamiyama had praised her by saying "I felt Luna's kindness when you called my name".

Mayuu Yokota had made her actress debut with the Drama - Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom & later also appeared in Yuki Yamada's Homeroom Drama. She currently a non-no model.

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