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Mebius Staff Reveals That 4 CREW GUYS Member Were Supposed To Become Ultra Brothers In The Finale

Masaki Nishina (Ryu Aihara / Ultraman Hikari), Shunji Igarashi (Mirai Hibino / Ultraman Mebius) & Mebius' Assistant Director (and now a Director) Suguru Tomita had gathered together to talk more on the Filming of Ultraman Mebius. They visited the Toho Building where they had filmed Ultraman Mebius 15 years back. During the talk they had revealed some interesting things about Ultraman Mebius which was later changed.

Ryu Aihara was supposed to transform into Ultraman Hikari pretty much from the mid season like around Episode 30. But it was later pushed to the Finale.

The four CREW GUYS members - Marina, George, Konomi & Teppei were supposed to transform into the four Ultra Brothers in the original script. Them hearing the voices of Ultra Brothers was meant for that. But in the end due Productional Difficulties of having Six to Seven Ultraman in a Studio, they had to go with a new form of Ultraman Mebius - Ultraman Mebius Phoenix Brave.

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