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Mei Angela Now Stans Flint!

Kamen Rider Saber & Kiramager stars - Mei Angela (Reika Shindai / Kamen Rider Sabela) & Nashiko Momotsuki (Yodonna) were recently interviewed by Oricon News and she talked about how she now stan Flint from Zenkaiger.

Mei Angela is known for being a Magine Stan. Magine is her favorite character in Zenkaiger. She gets excited and tweets about Magine whenever she sees a Magine on Zenkaiger. Because of that, she got to interact with Magine in the Zenkaiger episode and also got to hug Magine in the end. But now Mei Angela has got another favorite Zenkaiger character which she will stan!

Extract of the Interview (Translated)

Interviewer - In the end tell us about Zenkaiger Magine's charm...

Mei Angela - First of all, she is cute. But many things had happened with Flint recently... During the trailer, I reacted like 'Eh?'...

Nashiko Momotsuki - Flint-chan is cute, right!

Mei Angela - Right. Flint is so cute...

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