Mei Angela's Weekly Playboy Solo Gravure + Nashiko Momotsuki & Hikari Kuroki Talks About Mei

Mei Angela (Reika Shindai / Kamen Rider Sabela) who is appearing on Weekly Playboy's latest edition along with Hikari Kuroki (Yuka Ohta) & Nashiko Momotsuki also has her Solo Gravure which is titled as "Is Kindness a Sin?".

She is seen standing with a White Horse in the Gravure.

Continuing from the Interview about Nashiko Momotsuki, we'll now check the interview where Nashiko & Hikari talk about Mei Angela this time.

Interviewer - What about the charm of Angela-san?

Hikari - Noisy!

Nashiko - Even I wanted to say that! (laughs)

Interviewer - Is that Ok to be called as Charm......?

Nashiko - Of course! If her face is so cool, then nobody can get close her, right?

Hikari - Correct. Whenever we meet she says "Hey, listen to me".

Mei - I learnt about this recently. If I just start talking, nobody replies back. So in order to talk properly, I have realized that it is important to start with "Hey, listen".

Nashiko - You have been ignored in the past, isn't it? (laughs). But whatever she speaks will be interesting. I think she is great. She has treasure of jokes.

Interviewer - In the end, if you combine everything it will be 'noisy' (laughs)

Mei - Hey, tell more about me~! Something like gentleness.

Hikari - Of course I like your this part where you try to involve everyone!


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