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Mini News: Chou Eiyusai Cancelled, Saber Clothing Brand, Grigio Darkness, Zenkaiger Suit Cast & more

Ultimate Super Sentai Picture Book

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the publication Gakken no Zukan, the publication is releasing the Ultimate Super Sentai Pictorial Book called "Gakken no Zukan: Super Sentai"on April 8th. Almost 300 Super Sentai Warriors are illustrated and pictured on this. Almost 200 Ultimate forms and form variations are featured too.

That's not all. When you think of Super Sentai, there only thing that will come to your mind which the other Tokusatsu Series doesn't have. That is their Giants Robo and their Gattai. All these including the vehicles are clearly detailed on this book.

Chou Eiyusai Cancelled

Chou Eiyusai Kamen Rider × Super Sentai 2021 which was supposed to be held on February 9th and February 10th is cancelled due to the State of Emergency implemented in the state recently. Tickets will get refunded.

Kamen Rider Saber Gets a Clothing Brand

Bandai Fashion is releasing Kamen Rider Saber costumes as a brand "written words". This was trademarked just few days back. I didn't even thought that it would be related to Kamen Rider Saber.

Ultrawoman Grigio Darkness

Ultra Heroes Expo 2021 had featured an new Evil Ultra → Ultrawoman Grigio Darkness. She is created by Ultra Dark Killer as the Darkness of Ultrawoman Grigio.

Geartlinger Voice Actress

Lenne Hardt who is the Official Announcer of Momoiro Clover Z & also the announcer of many Ring Matches in Japanese is going to provide the voice for Geartlinger. Has there been any female voice actress for any of the Henshin Items? It looks like the first time.

Zenkaiger Suit Actors

  • Masashi Takada as Zenkaiser (Recent Roles - Kiramai Silver, Ryusoul Blue, Patren 1gou / Ugou)

  • Juran / Zenkai Juran - Yasuhiro Takeuchi (Recent Roles - Kiramai Blue, Ryusoul Black, Lupin Blue)

  • Gaon / Zenkai Gaon - Masato Tsutamune (Kiramai Yellow, Ryusoul Green, Zamigo Delma)

  • Magine / Zenkai Magine - Ayumi Shimozono (Multiple Female Warriors role since Kyoryuger including Stunt Double for multiple Sentai / Rider actresses)

  • Vroon / Zenkai Vroon - Kazuya Okada (Recent Roles - Desast, Ryusoul Gold, Blook Stalk / Kamen Rider Evol)