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Mini News: Hiroshi Tanahashi's Saber Outfit, Shows to get Delayed Due to State of Emergency? & more

Hiroshi Tanahashi's Kamen Rider Saber Inspired Costume

Kamen Rider's Biggest Fan & Professional Wrestler → Hiroshi Tanahashi had revealed that his new costume is inspired from Kamen Rider Saber Dragon Arthur on his Twitter.

State of Emergency will Delay the Shows Again?

Japanese Government is considering to declare another of State of Emergency just like last year due to resurgence in the COVID-19 Cases in Japan. The official announcement on the plans will be on January 7th. But how will Tokusatsu Industry get affected by this? If Japanese Government declares state of emergency, looks like even the filming of Kamen Rider Saber, Kiramager & Zenkaiger will be paused. Hope Toei plans in advance considering last year's scenario on how to cope up with the schedule where the filming has been paused.

Kiramager's filming must be in the final arc by now. If they are able to complete the filming soon by this week then I think there will be no problem with the first broadcast of Zenkaiger. Or else that will be delayed.

It also looks like Kiramager THE MOVIE's release might get postponed once again. Release of Movie Ranger 2021 forms the base for Zenkaigers too. Ultraman Series seems to be in the safer side considering they are not releasing any Ultraman movies till Summer and Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes' Odyssey might not be affected too.

Mamoru Miyano to Host Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes' Odyssey

Mamoru Miyano the Voice of Ultraman Zero has been confirmed to host Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes' Odyssey.

It's still not known whether Haruki's actor and Z's Voice Actor are going to appear in this. I don't think there are possibilities of return of Hiroshi Nagano (Ultraman Tiga) just for Chronicle.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes' Theme Song "Ultra Spiral" by voyager has been confirmed as the theme song of Heroes' Odyssey.

Aibou's Screenwriter to Write Kiramager Episode 40

Screenwriter Tomihiko Tokunaga who had worked on many detective drama such as Aibou, Keishichou Sousa Ikka 9-gakari, Tokusou 9, Keiji 7-nin and even Higanbanga is going to write the screenplay for Kiramager Episode 40.

Could this episode be related to the appearance of the new Commander Shadon who is a sniper?