Minjo is Back: Mitsu Dan Play the Role in Kiramager THE MOVIE: Bebop Dream

Wonderful Actress Mitsu Dan is going to appear in Mashin Sentai Kiramager THE MOVIE: Bebop Dream as the Beatiful but Ruthless Witch Minjo. She is also called as "Maestro of Nightmare".

Sounds like this movie is going to be musical...

If you remember, Minjo had made a brief appearance in Kiramager Episode 21 where she helped Numajo when she was in danger. After that she disappeared and her whereabouts were unknown.

She will be seen with a Monster with 5 Bighorn Sheep faces → Lemudon.

It was never announced that Kiramager THE MOVIE would have a connection with the TV Series back then as the decision to postpone the movie release came late after filming the Movie and the Episode 21. But when you considering the original release date of the movie → July 23 and if there weren't five weeks of pandemic filler episodes, then Episode 21 would have aired on July 26.

Most probably we'll also get a teaser / trailer this for Super Sentai Movie Ranger 2021.

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