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Mio Kudo's First Photobook Announced + Featured on Weekly Young Jump & UTB:G

Updated: Sep 4

Actress Mio Kudo who had played Sayo Oharu / Kiramai Pink in Mashin Sentai Kiramager is releasing her First Photo Book on November 25th. The title of the photobook is "Ultimate Heroine's Ultimate 1st" which will focus on the theme 'Childhood friend's sense of distance'. The shooting took place in Okinawa, Hiroshima & Aichi prefecture.

Mio Kudo had commented "I can finally...! make the long-sought announcement to everyone...! I will be releasing a Photobook! Thank You...! I have also thought about it, wished for it & continued to say... (lol) Finally it will become true. I am happy from my heart.

Because everyone is supporting me, I have stuffed my world into it. I wish I can deliver this to you.

I hope you can feel my atmosphere of being in different places than my usual places of routine. I hope this becomes one book that will remain in your heart. Look forward to it!".

This First Photobook announcement was made in Weekly Young Jump Vol. 40 released on September 2 where she had appeared as the Cover girl & also been featured in the Gravure pages.

There is also a Digital Photo Book being released by Weekly Young Jump. This digital photobook is titled 'Fushigi' (Mystery).

Mio Kudo had also appeared in the magazine UTB:G Vol. 4 released on August 31st.

Her Kiramager co-star Yume Shinjo (Sena Hayami / Kiramai Green) & Ultraman Trigger Heroine - Runa Toyoda (Yuna Shizuma) also appear in this volume.


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