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Mirrorman Reboot - 'Mirrorman 2D' Announced

Tsuburaya Productions are not only known for Ultraman Series. They have created multiple Superheroes in the past and these have struck the hearts of millions of fans. Mirrorman was one among them. The series had got its own Fight series "Mirror Fight", a remake called "Mirrorman Reflex" & an homage character in Ultraman Series → Mirror Knight.

With all that said 50 years from the original series, Tsuburaya is bringing us new Mirrorman contents. Mirrorman will get a Comic Adaptation called "Mirrorman 2D" which is available on the TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION site from July 30. This has been stated as a Reboot and doesn't have any continuity with the original series.

Masato Hisa who previously worked on Ninja Batman comics, designs for some of the recent Super Sentai series had worked on Mirrorman 2D as the manga artist.


It's the year 2021. Earth is targeted by Invaders. Two men will confront the Invaders which are planning to execute their three-dimensional invasion. With Yokohama as the stage witness the Buddy Action transcending time & space.

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