Moga Mogami Announces Her Pregnancy: Takuya Negishi (Ultraman Ginga) Congratulates Her

Actress Moga Mogami who had played Android One Zero / Mana in Ultraman Ginga S had announced her pregnancy today on her Blog, Twitter & Instagram. But this news has been trending a bit on the internet as she had mentioned that she has no plans of marriage.

This is an announcement from everyone. I have been given a new life.
I am 31 now and I have been thinking about future daily. I have been wishing to have kids lately, so I am feeling happy now.
Currently, I have not plans to marriage. After discussing with family and friends, I have received a lot of cooperation.
I think many of you might be surprised with this announcement, but I am thinking that I will continue my activities in the usual pace while considering my health and while discussing with others.
Now, my morning sickness is worse and sometimes I can't even get up. I think this is what Maternity Blue means! It's true that I am getting anxious a bit, but I will make my body work and face the new life. Please watch over me about my private life with your warm hearts.
I will do my best when it comes to my work. I might cause some trouble to some people, but let's do our best.
I am sorry for surprising everyone who supports me. Since I have started my private office, I am able to live my life as I want and I got time to think about anything. Change is definitely scary. I was able to decide to live at my fullest because of everyone. Please continue to support me in every way.
Please look forward to my activities.
Moga Mogami

There were no rumours going on saying that he might have been dating a married man and due to that she has no plans of marriage. But Moga-san had cleared this by tweeting that she hasn't been in an affair not will be. That's how she is.

Her co-star from Ginga S → Takuya Negishi (Hikaru Raidou / Ultraman Ginga S) & many other celebs have congratulated her in Instagram.

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