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Muryo & Takamichi Focused Music Video Drama Announced: Connects with Kiramager Vs Ryusoulger

Mashin Sentai Kiramager is getting a Drama based Music Video for Muryo Hakataminami's Character Song "Hakase janai yo. Hakata da yo! Shikamo Minami da yo!". This song was completely produced by Daimaou Kosaka from lyrics, composition, arrangement, and everything.

The music video drama will feature both Kohei Shoji (Takamichi Crystallia / Kiramai Silver) & Muryo Hakataminami along with Kiramager cast, Super Sentai Ambassador Hiroya Matsumoto, Suit Actors, and also the Staff. They had also hinted that a famous music producer will make a cameo appearance in the music video. This might possibly be Pikotaro which is Daimaou's other stage name.


Muryo Hakataminami is jealous of Takamichi Crystallia (Kiramai Silver) who is always shining. Takamichi tells him "As long as you don't break down, you can do anything". After listening to his words, he remembers that in his school days he was passionate about music and becoming a singer. With the help of Takamichi, he takes a first step towards fulfilling his dream.

The events of this Drama is said to be connected to the movie Mashin Sentai Kiramager Vs Ryusoulger.

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