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Myra Meadows (Humagear Rin) Joins Talent Agency Ken-On: Stage Name Changed to Myra Arai

Updated: May 12

Myra Meadows who had played Secretary type Humagear Rin in Kamen Rider Genms -The Presidents- had announced today that she has joined the Talent Agency Ken-On. Considering the change of talent agency from Twin Planet Entertainment to Ken-On, her stage name has also been changed. It's now "Myra Arai".

Her Twitter & Instagram handle has been updated to @myra_arai (Twitter) / @myra_arai (Instagram) today.

For those who aren't aware, Ken-On had brought us multiple Kamen Rider & Super Sentai actors like Sota Fukushi (Kamen Rider Fourze), Ryo Ryusei (Kyoryu Red), Ryosuke Yamamoto (Kamen Rider Specter), Jingi Irie (Kikaider / Zamigo / Kamen Rider Kikai) & more. Currently Tomohiro Ichikawa who plays Yuri / Kamen Rider Saikou is also part of it.

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