Nachi Sakuragi (Kamen Rider Thouser) To Appear on YouTube Reality Show "1LDK"

Nachi Sakuragi who had played Gai Amatsu / Kamen Rider Thouser in Kamen Rider Zero-One is going to appear on Reality Show titled "1LDK (Love Destiny Key) ~ 1 Night & 2 Days of Love~". It is basically a show where Nachi Sakuragi & Talent Ema Ito try to spend two days and one night together in an LDK.

The house provide for the show is empty. But they are given stuffs to fill up in the boxes outside the house. They have to cooperate and fill up the house, cooking for each other, talking and taking care of each other while trying to form a relationship.


The show will be uploaded on Hikari TV's Official YouTube channel for free (not sure on the regional restrictions) on March 26 and it consists of two episodes.

Comment by Nachi Sakuragi & Ema Ito

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