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Nao Oikawa Announced Divorce

Actress Nao Oikawa, who played Kegalesia in Engine Sentai Go-Onger had announced her Divorce today on her Social Media Accounts. She had married her husband back in 2016. The person was a common man and not a celeb.

In the announcement of divorce, she had revealed that she had divorced her husband in Spring and she was a bit hesitant whether to announce this as her partner was a common man. In the end, she had expressed her gratitude towards him.


A Report Sorry to bother you about my personal matter. I want to report that I am divorced in this year's spring. As the partner was a common man, I was worried a bit about whether to report this or not. But as we have walked our own paths and began to relax now, I have thought to express this to everyone. We have spent 5 years together as a couple and it was an important experience. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. We have been looked after by many and indebted to them for it. I am really sorry that we had to end up reporting this. We are no longer couples. But we hope that we end up cheering each other. I am still immature. Looking forward to you to guide me. Thank You. Nao Oikawa - August, 2021

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