Nashiko Momotsuki & Haruka Kudo Stars in "Welcome to Toei Slaughterhouse"

Actress Nashiko Momotsuki who played Yodonna in Mashin Sentai Kiramager and Haruka Kudo who played Umika Hayami / Lupin Yellow in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger Vs Keisatsu Sentai Patranger is going to star in Toei's new Horror film "Welcome to Toei Slaughterhouse" (Yokoso Toei Satsueijo e).

"Welcome to Toei Slaughterhouse" is the third lineup in their streaming exclusive content - Xstream46. The movie will be available to watch on platforms like YouTube (on Toei Xstram Theater channel), Prime Video, Google Play, TTFC, and many others already from today, July 9th. The content is paid and most probably it will also be region locked like other Toei contents.

Nashiko Momotsuki will play the role of an idol named Saki. She is the leader of the idol group - Wish who are yet to gain popularity.

Haruka Kudo will play Mei who is a member of Wish.

Gravure idol - Rio Teramoto is cast as Kaho who is also a member of Wish. This will be her first Toei work.


"Idol Group - Wish is cast to appear in Toei's hit movie "Yugami" sequel. Director Yamamoto is going to direct the movie. Toei Movie Studios is a place for filming many popular movies and dramas. There are sets of Heroes and Kaijin fights. There is luxiourious lunch. Wish to make sure they get the role. But Toei Movie Studios had an untold secret".

In the film, you will get to see some references to Toei works like Wish taking a pic with Gyarasu's costume, Junretsuger's still photography in the back, and more.