Nashiko Momotsuki's Weekly Playboy Solo Gravure + Mei Angela & Hikari Kuroki Talks About Nashiko

Nashiko Momotsuki (Yodonna) who is appearing on Weekly Playboy's latest edition along with her 01 familia sisters - Hikari Kuroki (Yuka Ohta) & Mei Angela (Reika Shindai / Kamen Rider Sabela) has a Solo Gravure in this magazine. The title is "STRONG FACE". As the title, her power of face is focused.

Weekly Playboy staff have taken the interview of all three and they have talked about Nashiko's personality, charm and more. Check out the translated interview below.

Interviewer - When you consider the age in descending order, it will be Momotsuki-san, Angela-san & then Kuroki-san. Is Momotsuki-san like an Eldest Daughter?

Hikari - That is true. She is pretty stable and always makes jokes.

Mei - I always used to think I was like the Eldest Daughter.

Nashiko - No way. But specifically how?

Mei - Because I am tall.

Nashiko & Hikari - That's all!

Interviewer - The way you guys talk is just perfect. Said that, how about talking about each other's charms? Starting off with Momotsuki-san's?

Mei - Nashiko is a trustable adviser. She listens to you and she feels I am wrong, she clearly says "I can understand that, but it's Ange who is also wrong".

Hikari - True. And she doesn't say it in a negative way.

Mei - True true. Because she is elder and had also worked in a company, I can accept what she says. I will be convinced if Nashiko says!

Hikari - She is usually my pace and does whatever she likes, but is she is very smart.

Mei - Such part of her makes her Eldest Daughter. But there are times where she continously says "No~", she tries to place the food she hates in my plate without asking me (laughs).

Hikari - That happened to me too! Such part of her is really cute.

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