Nashiko Momotsuki's Young King Bull New Shots: Reveals Spending Lonely New Year

Pop 'n' Roll had revealed some new cuts from Nashiko Momotsuki's Gravure from Young King Bull and along with that they have also took her interview where she had talked about how she had spent her New Year Holidays. Nashiko Momotsuki - "Because of Corona, I couldn't back to my hometown. So I began the year by spending time alone in Tokyo. I felt lonely being alone on New Year's Eve. I was on Twitter till I slept. Maybe because I stayed up late, I spent the first day of New Year by sleeping. I didn't do much in particular. All these three days, I spent my daily life slowly. This year, since the work began from January 4th, I worked hard from morning till evening. I'll do my best in order to announce more works. Please continue to support me!"

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