Nashiko Momotsuki Super News Week! 4 Magazine Appearance! 1 Commercial! & 1 Photobook!

While I was busy with posting about the new scans that have come out few days back, many news came out about Nashiko Momotsuki who is one of the trending character of Kiramager right now!

So a new Gravure Magazine "DOLCE" have published their first volume and Nashiko-chan gets to be on the Cover Page. Just like you can see in the above image, she got to eat the cake while holding it in bare hands.

Along with the Cover page, she gets the big volume of 16 pages of Gravure.

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Nashiko-chan is releasing her First Photobook "Mikan" (Unfinished) on November 11, but before that Young Magazine Vol. 48 released on October 26th has revealed more new shots from the Photobook. News page refer the new shots as 'Bustline Revealed'.

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Nashiko-chan appears in the new Commercial of "Magokoro Panda" where she plays the role of a mover belonging to Magokoro Panda. She tells the mascot Panda not to run away.

Nashiko gets to appear in "Weekly ASCII Special Edition ShuAsu 2020 November" as the cover girl. In the same magazine she had talked about her role in Kiramager.

I had to struggled to create Yodonna's character as she doesn't have much emotions so there was no character that I can refer to. But for a long time, I wanted to play the role of an Villain than a hero......

We'll ASCII is a magazine that give infos on New Gadgets and Technologies and no gravure is included in this. So if you are interested in buying the magazine, then here's the Ad Link.

She will also appear in Women's magazine "bis".

Last but not the least! 12 Exclusive shots from her First Photobook "Mikan"!

Pre-Order the Photobook Now! Releasing on November 11!

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