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Nashiko Momotsuki Turns Out To Be Yodon's Commander: Female Sentai Commander After Many Years!

Who we thought was just a Guest character turned out to be new cast of Kiramager. That's also the one who joins the evil side. When Nashiko Momotsuki used the Yodon Changer, I thought she was about to transform into an Surprise Evil Character - Armored in the same way as Gaisorg. Turns out it was a cosplay like suit.

By the way, it's been a while since we got a female commander in human form. When was the last we got it? Escape was it? Can Canderilla from Kyoryuger be counted?

Yodonna is the Secretary of Emperor Yodon and she was sent to earth to have a watch on Kuranchura and Garuza's plan which was causing the Yodon Invasion difficult. Because of the legend of the Phoenix, many might have thought that the shoulder parts are Falcon. But in the Interview published by TV-Asahi, Nashiko-chan herself had mentioned that it to be Crow.

She is usually emotionless but she seems to have at one emotion and that is anger. But during the scene with Tametomo, she had learnt about the emotion of laugh and she had also mentioned that she'll remember it. So there is a slight chance that she could come to the good side somewhere at the end.

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