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Nashiko Momotsuki Wants To Play More Negative Roles in the Future

Nashiko Momotsuki who plays Yodonna in Kiramager was recently interviewed by Mantan Web where she was asked what kind of role she wants to do in the future. For this she had replied "I want to play the role of bullying Heroine, Love Rival. I want to add my image of Evil Roles.

I had also written this during the Kiramager audition that 'I want to play an evil role but with cuteness similar to Fujiko Mine'. She will do anything to fulfil her motive, but her overconfidence leads to failure.... well an adorable characteristics like that! If Yodonna puts Ice-cream in her mouth, then she will keep on eating. There is a great taste in the gap between her bad personality (laughs)".

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