Nashiko Momotsuki (Yodonna) Announces Her First Photobook! Comments To Release Second Soon!

Nashiko Momotsuki who had appeared on the Cover and Gravure of Shonen Champion Magazine recently is going to release her First Photobook on November 11 via Kondansha. The title of the Photobook is "Mikan" (未完) which means "Unfinished". But while promoting on social media, she is using the word "Orange" which is also read as "Mikan" (みかん).

The planning for this photobook has been going on for last year's spring. The producers of this photobook have referred to many photobooks and had a discussion with her. As she doesn't wear swimsuits much in her personal life, so there was a resistance from her side at the beginning to show her skin boldly. The same Nashiko-chan had made a big decision to do this Photobook.

The location selected for this photobook was Ishigaki Island. The good weather and the sunny beach gave birth to many shots which fans will like. The title "Unfinished" is given by herself suggesting that this isn't the end and there is still possibility for more.

Nashiko-chan had mentioned that she is now 25 and she always wanted a milestone for her next half of her twenties, that is by releasing this Photobook. Her gravure debut was with Young Magazine which was shot by Takeo Dec., and she is happy to release her first Photobook by the Parent company of Young Magazine → Kodansha and also shot by her first Gravure Photographer Takeo Dec.

In the interview released, she wants to release her 2nd Photobook soon too!

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