New Cast Introduced for Kamen Rider Saber → Will She Transform Into Kamen Rider Sonic?

We are getting a new Cast for Kamen Rider Saber. Mei Angela is going to play the role of Reika Shindai who also belongs to Sword of Logos but from Southern Base. She is called Mysterious Messenger. I wonder if she is the one who will transform into rumoured Kamen Rider Sonic.

Her first appearance will be in Episode 9 airing on November 8. She will appear in Northern Base to test the ability of Kamen Rider Saber. But her motive is not known yet. Her appearance will make Touma's destiny deep into mystery.

When it comes to Mei Angela, she is Half Japanese and Half Filipino and her career till now was modelling. This is the first time she is stepping into acting career. She had revealed that Kamen Rider Den-O is her favourite Kamen Rider Series which she used to watch during his Primary School days.

She belongs to the talent agency 01familia from where we have Ultraman Z's Yuka Ohta → Hikari Kuroki & Kiramager's Yodonna → Nashiko Momotsuki.

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