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New Garo Trademarks Filed: New Show Coming?

Tohokushinsha Film Corporation which produces Garo Series had filed new trademarks on August 24th. It's been more than a year since we got the last Garo series and there hasn't been any announcement for a new one yet. Will these new trademarks have anything to do with the upcoming Garo Adaptation? or will these end up being something related to Pachinko.

The first trademark is "Gekkou no Tabibito Kizuna" (Moonbow Traveler - Bond).

The second one is "Gouten". The golden horse is used by the Saejima Garo family.

Third one is "Garo Musuem". What are they planning to open now? What will they feature in a Museum? All the Garo & Knight Suits?

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