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New Kamen Vulcan & Valkyrie Spin-Off Scans

New scans from Kamen Rider Vulcan & Valkyrie have surfaced online today. Time to check out some new infos revealed in it.

One of his line from the movie "I will do something because I am a Kamen Rider".

One of Yua's line from the movie "I have received your Justice". I think she is addressing this to Naki as the other scan says there will be a scene where it will focus on Yua & Naki's relation.

  • Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai's next target is Yua. But why are they targeting her? She is trusts Humagear tho.

  • Fuwa goes to Izu to get the Shot Riser fixed. But since it was created using ZAIA's technology, Hiden Intelligence doesn't have the backup.

  • Sold Humagear will rage a war against A.I.M.S. and this lead by Sold 404 who is seen wearing the MetsubouJinrai cape. 404? Are you serious? It means Not Found.

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