Noa Tsurushima (Izu / Azu) Starts Her Own Brand "Romansual"

Noa Tsurushima who plays Izu / Azu in Kamen Rider Zero-One had announced that she is starting her own Brand called "Romansual". She will be the Producer of this Brand. It's still not clear whether this is a going to be an Clothing brand or something do with accessories.

The naming of this brand is by Noa-chan herself. She says the name is taken after the her favorite words "Romatic" and "Sensual". She had also thought of putting her name, "Moon" or "Rose" in the naming. She created the brand name back in November 14, 2019. But during that time she actually didn't have any plan on founding a brand. The name just popped up in her head back then and she decided to note it down. "NOAL ROMAL" was the another name taken from her name this time.

The slogan of this brand is "The Brand that combines everyday and extraordinary".

Online Store for this brand is still not up, but will come soon. Till then you can follow the Official Twitter → @romansual & Official Instagram → romansual_official.

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