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Noa Tsurushima To Star in Film "Murdist" Along with Keisuke Minami

Actress Noa Tsurushima who played Izu (Kamen Rider Zero-Two), Azu in Kamen Rider Zero-One, will play the lead role in the upcoming Cinema Novel "Murdist Convict on Death Row: Tazuru Kazami-".

She had killed 89 people and was convicted on death row. It is going to be a very dark role. She will drive a person into hell by involving his 15-year-old sister in her game.

Actor Keisuke Minami, who is known for playing the Legendary Man - Tsurugi Ohtori (Houou Soldier) in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, will also appear in the Cinema Novel. His role seems to be somewhat of a spy or police. Keisuke Minami had previously worked with Noa Tsurushima in Kamen Rider Zero-One with the character Lawyer Bingo.

Cinema Novel will start streaming from August 13.

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