OOO's Marie Kai & Decade's Daijiro Kawaoka Joins Zenkaiger Cast as Kaito's Parents

When the Zenkaiger Concept Document was leaked in December, we assumed that Kaito Goshikida's (Zenkaiser) parents will be played by some Sentai Alumni. Turns out our theory was wrong. Instead they will be played by Kamen Rider Alumni.

Marie Kai who had played Chiyoko Shiraishi in Kamen Rider OOO is going to play the mother Mitsuko Goshikida.

Daijiro Kawaoka who had played Souji / Kamen Rider Kabuto (DCD) and also Sou Otogiri / Kamen Rider TheBee (DCD) / Phylloxera Worm (DCD) in Kamen Rider Decade is going to play the role of the father Isao Goshikida.