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Producer Taku Mochizuki Talks About Revice's Concept Inspiration, Naming, Continuity & Timeline

Updated: Sep 6

Producer Taku Mochizuki was recently interviewed by Mynavi News for Kamen Rider Revice where he had talked about the facts behind the creation of the Kamen Rider Revice concept, Naming sense & connection with other Kamen Rider worlds.

The interviewer had asked Taku Mochizuki the idea behind the concept 'Kamen Rider who makes a deal with the Devil' for which he had revealed that he had took the inspiration from Kamen Rider 1 who was created by the evil organization Shocker.

Taku Mochizuki says "This was the result of me thinking about Kamen Rider's origin. That is 'Kamen Rider's origin is evil. He was the Hero who turned to Justice'. What I am trying to say is not poetic justice. Good & Evil are the two sides of the same coin. I had empathized on the 'Origin is Evil' part. Now that we have reached the milestone of 50th Anniversary, I wanted to represent 'What kind of Hero is Kamen Rider?'".

When the Kamen Rider Revice's Trademark was out, everyone had one question. What does 'Revice' mean? There were fan theories that it was taken from the word 'Revise' considering the 50th Anniversary of Kamen Rider. But turns out it isn't.

Taku Mochizuki reveals how they came up with the Rider names by saying "Initially we thought of having a gimmick where names of two Riders added becomes show's title. 'Vice' was decided first. In English, Vice means 'Devil', 'Bad Habit' or 'Deputy'. Vice was perfect for being Devil who is also a buddy. After that we were in the endless process of coming up with words that end with "i" or "vi"... and we reached "Revi". In Hebrew "Levi" means "to connect", there's also a devil who can levitate. By combining Revi & Vice, it becomes "Revice (=To fix the evil)".

When George Karizaki was revealed to be a Kamen Rider fanboy, there were speculations that Kamen Rider exists as a TV Show in Kamen Rider Revice's world. But the story of Kamen Rider Saber Special Issue had conflicted with that theory. Everyone wants to have a proper continuity between Rider worlds. But based on Taku Mochizuki's below words, it seems like they don't much care about that part.

"I don't think that part would be ever revealed in the TV Series. What we want to depict is not that... But as an essence for Kamen Rider's Birth 50th Anniversary. We hope that you think in that way.

There was a time when I had thought about it being metafiction 'It was broadcast on TV'. But when it comes to the Kamen Rider series there will be Crossovers in the Movie and it was already decided for Kamen Rider Revi & Kamen Rider Vice to appear in 'Saber Special Issue'. We decided to take a step back on that part so that we don't confuse children in place excitement.

To give an example, its 'Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger' like universe concept. Fuuto exists somewhere even 'Fantastic Book Store Kamiyama' could exist somewhere'".

The events of Kamen Rider Revice Feature Film which was screened along with Superhero Senki takes place after Episode 1 and Taku Mochizuki reveals the correct timeline for the events.

"In terms of timeline I think we should call is Episode 3.5".

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