RIDER TIME Decade / Zi-O Cast: Ryouta Murai Returns, Amazons Rena Takeda, Gaim Metal Yoshida & more

Ryouta Murai is confirmed to reprise his role Yusuke Onodera / Kamen Rider Kuuga. He will be stuck in Deathmatch and appear only in Kamen Rider Decade Vs Zi-O part.

The following three characters will appear only in Kamen Rider Decade Vs Zi-O part.

  • Kazuki Namioka who had previously played Sid / Kamen Rider Sigurd in Kamen Rider Gaim will play Yakuza styled Man stuck in the Deathmatch.

  • Metal Yoshida who had played Oren Pierre Alfonso / Kamen Rider Bravo will play a Housewife stuck in the Deathmatch.

  • Moroaka Moro who had played previously played Kenjiro Igarashi in Kamen Rider Ghost will play the role of an Old Man stuck in the Deathmatch.

Kamen Rider Amazons' Heroine Rena Takeda is going to appear in both Decade Vs Zi-O & Zi-O Vs Decade with a new role called Misa Kuon. Well she is a mysterious character. Could she be the main villain hiding under the plain sight?

Geiz, Tsukuyomi & Woz are also returning for RIDER TIME: Zi-O Vs Decade. Geiz and Tsukuyomi will transform into their Rider form. As per Woz, the world is once again heading towards destruction.

Sworz, Ora & Heure are also going to reprise in RIDER TIME. But they will appear in both Decade Vs Zi-O. Ora & Heure are seen holding some weapon as the RIDER TIME: Decade Vs Zi-O as they have to participate in the Deathmatch.