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RIDER TIME Decade / Zi-O Trailers, Story, Theme Song Info

RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Zi-O Vs Decade: 7 Zi-Os

Trailer on YouTube is region restricted so here's the trailer for RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Zi-O Vs Decade: 7 Zi-Os on Twitter. Story Somehow there are 7 Sougos in the school and there is a Election being held among them. As per Woz the world is heading towards destruction and only the best Sougo can save the world. Ok. This is the same plot of Zi-O TV Series where they used to figure out the best Another Rider who can become the King. But instead of Another Rider, it's Another Sougos this time.

Tsukuyomi gets attacked by Inves and Kamen Rider Geiz is seen fighting someone. Ora is seen in Teacher's outfit, Misa with DJ Sougo and Sworz gets Love Striked?, Heure having a romantic time with Sougo.

Tsukusa Kadoya appears out of nowhere and says "It's War. To defeat the True Sougo".

In the final battle, Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form 21 & Kamen Rider Zi-O Decade Armer Saber Form is revealed and they are seen fighting Oma Zi-O and the Inves.

RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Decade Vs Zi-O: Decade Hall's Deathmatch


Mysterious Masked Man summons Tsukasa, Yusuke, Sworz, Ora, Heure, Misa, a Yakuza like guy, a Housewife, an Old Man in a mansion and makes they play King Game. That is figure out who is the King in each round till only one is left. The person who loses will be attacked by Another Ryuga.

Ok. This is clearly Rider version of Jinroh Game Series.

As per Tsukasa, the real Sougo had setup this game. Oma Zi-O is seen laughing (the scene from the final battle), but something's wrong with Sougo.

Coming back to the King Game, there seems to be a murderer who is killing off player other than the Another Ryuga. Who could it be?

In the final battle, Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider Zi-O, Kamen Rider Kuuga, Kamen Rider Kivala and Kamen Rider Diend are seen joining forces to defeat Oma Zi-O. Decade is heard saying "We can't let you get out of here."

The Final Battle looks like the Rider War scene from Decade.

Both the RIDER TIMEs will be streamed simultaneously every week.

Episode 1 - February 9

Episode 2 - February 14

Episode 3 - February 21

For some reason, the first episode will stream on Tuesday instead of Sunday. Looks like there will be something big that will happen in Kamen Rider Saber TV Series that day that TTFC and TELASA don't want the RIDER TIME to be streamed on the same day.

In the end, the Theme Song of both the RIDER TIMEs. It's called "INSIDE-OUT".

There will be two versions. "INSIDE-OUT ZI-O ver." for Zi-O Vs Decade & "INSIDE-OUT DECADE ver." for Decade Vs Zi-O. It will be sung by Tsukusa Kadoya & Sougo Tokiwa. That's not separately but together for both the versions.

Shuhei Naruse who had composed and arranged many Kamen Rider favourite and hit songs including "Climax Jump", "Double-Action", from Kamen Rider Den-O till Kamen Rider Ghost returns back to compose & arrange the song. Shoko Fujibayashi who had written the many Rider Openings and Insert Songs had written this song.

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