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Rima Matsuda & Kaede Yuasa Confirmed As Cast In Ultraman Trigger Episode 7

TV Tokyo had confirmed that actress Rima Matsuda will reprise her role of Yoko Nakashima from Ultraman Z in the upcoming crossover Ultraman Trigger Episode 7: "Inter Universe". You won't be seeing her in person as she will be only doing voice reprisal.

Was she piloting King Joe Storage Custom before it goes dark?

Any chance we'll get to see Evil Crazy Yoko once again?

On the other hand, Voice Actress Kaede Yuasa who had previously voiced Darlin' in Ultraman R/B & Sandorias, Mother Sandorias in anime Kaiju Girls will voice Baby Sandorias who is owned by Alien Barossa IV.

P.S. Kaede Yuasa is married to Juggrus Juggler / Shota Hebikura's actor Takaya Aoyagi.

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