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Ryusoulger Cast & Yuki Yamada Express Their Sadness on Mana Kinjo's Passing

Four of the Ryusoulger cast have expressed their grief in their social media platforms.

Keito Tsuna (Meruto / Ryusoul Blue)

This is really sad. I have got to meet a lot of people in "Ryusoulger" and Mantii was one of the important among them. Manatii does her best in everything, sometimes innocent and always show her gentle smile. I have learnt many things from her and also made me energetic. After I heard about the news last night and now when I remember Manatii, I just remember her smiling face. She was really warm hearted person. I am thankful from my heart. I hope our feelings reach her.

Yuito Obara (Towa / Ryusoul Green)

She does her best in everything and I have got the energy from her bright smile. I knew that she was doing her best, so I don't want to believe this. I am really thankful for all the courage and energy. I will pray for her soul.

Katsumi Hyodo (Canaro / Ryusoul Gold)

I am not sure whether it is right or wrong to express my thought in Social Media. I have thought a lot but I couldn't get my answer. I really can't accept this fact. But I really want to express my thoughts of being with Mana-chan. The work "Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger" which we lived together with Ui-chan. Whatever happens that Sun like Smile will continue to live on. I will never forget. Thank You for all the Smile. Please be at ease.

Seiya Osada (Nada / Gaisorg)

Mana-chan. Rest in peace. I was only with you for a short time. It's really sad. I never thought that a person younger than me will pass away. Really.

There were also other co-stars outside of Ryusoulger who had expressed their grief. One among them was Yuki Yamada (Gokai Blue) who got to act with her in a movie.

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