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Ryusoulger Prequel - "THE LEGACY OF The Master’s Soul" Announced: Kenji Matsuda Joins the Cast

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger's prequel has been announced to stream on TTFC from October 17. This is officially referred to as Episode 0 for the TV Series and it will star the three Masters of Ryusoulger. The title of this prequel is "Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger: THE LEGACY OF The Master’s Soul".

The prequel depicts the events which take place before Druidon's arrival on earth. It tells the story of how the three masters chose their successors. You'll get to know the truth behind the Knights of Justice.

The five Ryusoulger are also going to appear in the prequel.

Actor Kenji Matsuda who had previously co-starred with Jouji Shibue (Master Blue) in Kamen Rider Hibiki as Zanki / Kamen Rider Zanki is going to appear in the prequel as Nire the senior apprentice of Master Red. He holds a white sword.

Kanon Hanakage who had previously played Beat Riders member Chucky in Kamen Rider Gaim is going to play Master Pink's apprentice - Isuka.

Actress Karen Miyazaki who had previously played Yui Nishioka in Ultraman Orb: THE ORIGIN SAGA will appear as Master Blue's ex-apprentice - Mayu. Even being an ex-apprentice, she researches Ryusoul.

Actress Ren Komai will play the role of a mysterious girl named Hana who appears before Bamba and Towa.

Story Guide

That was shortly before Druidon Tribe invaded earth once again......

All the three Masters were in the process of identifying their successors. Isuka who is confident in her strength is against Master Pink's choice of pushing Asuna (Future Ryusoul Pink). Master Blue had felt Isuka's impatience. Out of a sudden, a Minosaur appears.

Minosaur's attack resembled the latest attack thought by Isuka. Did Isuka give birth to a Minosaur?

The Mysterious Girl Hana appears before Master Red and it looks like she has a secret.

Screenwriter & Director - Hiroya Taka will serve as the Director of the prequel and Ayumi Shimo will be the screenwriter.